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Fred Thompson KGAL
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Fred Thompson is one of the most respected and visible figures speaking out on the important challenges facing America today. Senator Thompson's uniquely American life has been marked not only by recognizing opportunity when it arose, but by answering the call to public service and leadership. His dedication to law and passion for the founding principles that laid America's foundation led him to serve for eight years as a Senator from Tennessee and to his recent presidential campaign.
Elected to the United States Senate in 1994, his independent approach to campaigning has become legendary; he refused to play by the establishment's political rules. Driving a red pickup truck, he took to the highways and back roads of the Volunteer State, talking to Tennessee citizens from the back of what became the symbol of his campaign. Mr. Thompson spoke about the need for a competent and ethical federal government, reminding voters of the importance of self-government and lower taxes. His effort paid off; he defeated a 6-term Congressman by a large margin of victory.
Fred Thompson KGAL
Two years later, the people of Tennessee returned him to office with more votes than any candidate for any office in the state's history at that time.

Serving as Chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, and as a member of the Finance Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Thompson focused on lowering taxes, strengthening national security, and cutting wasteful government spending. In the tradition of President George Washington, a leader Thompson had admired growing up, he walked away from an easy reelection victory in 2002.

In March 2002, in the aftermath of the loss of his adult daughter, Senator Thompson announced that he would not seek re-election to the Senate. He has two sons who live in Nashville. He retired with an 86% American Conservative Union rating and a 100% rating pro-life voting record. Divorced in 1985, he remarried in 2002. He and Jeri have a five year old daughter, and a two year old son.

Prior to his election, Thompson maintained law offices in Nashville and Washington. Earlier in his career, he served as an Assistant United States Attorney in Tennessee. In 1973, he was appointed by Senator Howard Baker to serve as Minority Counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee where Thompson first gained national attention for leading the line of inquiry that revealed the audio-taping system in the White House Oval Office. He detailed his Watergate experience in his Watergate memoir, At That Point in Time. In 1974, after the Watergate hearings concluded, Thompson returned to the practice of law.

Senator Thompson first appeared on screen in the film Marie in 1985, portraying himself in the fact-based story of a high-profile public corruption case he handled in Tennessee. Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies and television programs, including No Way Out, In the Line of Fire, Die Hard II, Days of Thunder and The Hunt for Red October and the television series China Beach, Wiseguy, and Matlock. Recently, he has become known for his portrayal of New York District Attorney Arthur Branch on the Emmy Award-winning NBC drama, Law & Order. In 2005, Senator Thompson was named by President Bush as an advisor to Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee John Roberts, helping to move his nomination through the Senate confirmation process. Thompson continued his public service as Chairman of the State Department's International Security Advisory Board.

In all this, Thompson has been a man of the times, adapting his unique abilities and leveraging today's communications technologies to speak to the American people about issues he feels are important to the nation. Whether it's on the radio, filling in for Paul Harvey on the ABC Network with news and commentaries, on his own "Fred Thompson Reports" commentaries and broadcasts, online blog posts or TV appearances, Senator Thompson has focused on the issues of the day viewed through the "first principles" he's stressed throughout his career. He's talked about big issues and challenges our nation is facing now, and will face tomorrow:

* The ongoing threat of Islamist terrorism
* The unresolved economic threat of entitlements
* The need for lower taxes to ensure our nation remains economically competitive and innovative
* The need to secure our borders
* The need to support families and to protect our children from the harder edges of culture
* The need to remain engaged in the world while remaining true to America's principles

In early 2007, Thompson embarked on what he calls a "dialogue" with the American people, through his various venues, to determine whether there was a desire among American voters for him to enter Republican Presidential race. Along the way, sites such as "Draft Fred Thompson," "Fred Head" and "Fred Facts" proliferated online. In June, Thompson filed papers that would allow him to raise funds to further explore a presidential run.

Senator Thompson withdrew from the race for the Republican nomination in late January, 2008 and endorsed the eventual winner, Senator John McCain. Since that time, Senator Thompson has remained active in public affairs while continuing his varied interests in law, entertainment and commentary. In August, 2008 Thompson announced the formation of Fred PAC, a federal political action committee dedicated to electing men and women who share his First Principles approach to government. A featured speaker at the Republican National Convention, Thompson continues to speak out on the vital issues of the day.

Senator Thompson is a native of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. He attended Memphis State University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in philosophy and political science. He received his law degree from Vanderbilt University.

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